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  • May 25, 2021
  • VSJDigital
  • 3 min read

Recently, some business owners have had difficulty accessing their domain accounts and, in some cases, their hosting.

Before explaining what is happening to them, we would like to make a brief explanation of what a domain and hosting are.



A domain is a unique and exclusive name assigned to a web page on the Internet. It is similar to a home address but applied to a web page.


Hosting is a service that allows you to associate your domain with it. If you have a domain, you probably want to have a web page or email accounts under your own domain, which is where we host the information for your internet address.

vsj-digital MARKETING AGENCY HELP BUSINESS control your hosting and dominio

VSJ Digital, helps businesses control their hosting and domains.

In summary, a domain is the address of a website, and hosting is the website itself, where we store files and other necessary information to carry out our activities.

Now that you have a better understanding of these concepts, we can explain what is happening with some entrepreneurs. The current situation has led many entrepreneurs to go digital, and they needed professionals to help them on this journey. Some of these professionals had high budgets, while others had low budgets.

Due to a lack of knowledge, some business owners agreed to have these professionals perform all of the activities for digitization. In our opinion, this is a mistake that is often made. We do not mean that businesses should be responsible for every step of the process, but it is important to have control over the essential elements for digitization, such as the domain and hosting.

The professionals bought the domain, but some of them did not transfer it to the final clients. When it was time to renew the domain a year later, several issues arose, causing harm to the business owner. It is important to have control over these elements.

Our recommendation is that if you want to go digital, you should have control over your domain and hosting. This will prevent any inconveniences when changing companies or professionals and give you the freedom to choose which company or professional you want to work with.

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