The positioning of my company, the beginning…

  • September 9, 2020
  • VSJDigital
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The agency that supports me started to run campaigns, but it has few likes and zero interaction.

It is one of the comments we get when consulting us, when reviewing their digital channels, the content is poor and the company information is not shared.

Doubt from clients...

When you create a page, you must make it known, how do I make it known?

Content is king and what users want to see, it is difficult for them to find your page, if there is no content, content is what helps to position.

Example: giving a diagnosis

  • The page was created two months ago, it is a quick page, with informative content about the services and information of the company. 
  • The blog is at zero, no information has been written about the products, what they are and what they are for. 
  • We visited the social networks, they have only one photo, no explanation or text, no information about the company and the website has not been shared.

Our suggestion: 

  • The page has explained the services in the service section.
  • Take each of the services and explain in an easy to understand way, the explanation and operation, you can expose it in the blog as an article, take this article and publish it in the different digital channels.
  • What we achieve, create valuable content, expose it in our social networks, bring traffic to our page. 
  • The recommendation is that you can generate content every day for 6 months, this activity helps to position yourself.
  • You can start working with organic positioning and in parallel with search engine optimization (SEM), through paid campaigns in different channels, depending on where our audience is.
vsj-digital MARKETING AGENCY HELP BUSINESS The positioning of my company, the beginning...

Some of VSJ Digital’s clients comment that the campaigns are expensive, from experience the work of positioning organically is a constant work, which will have positive results in the long term, when we do paid campaigns, our content will only appear during the time we have paid, for this reason is the suggestion we make, to work in parallel the two methods so that our content is visible, giving more strength to the organic positioning.

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